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June 2021 - County Committee


Our Candidates


Brynne DiMenichi

Hoboken City 4-3

Brynne DiMenichi received her PhD from Rutgers-Newark in neuroscience in 2018, and she currently works in clinical research for craniomaxiofacial/dental surgery. A longtime runner, yogi, and vegetarian, Brynne most recently became a dog mom to a beagle mix puppy named Finnegan, who she loves to walk around in Hoboken and meet her neighbors. At Rutgers-Newark, Brynne was graduate student body president where she founded the first student-led food pantry. Brynne is running for Democratic County Committee for Hoboken's Ward 4, District 3, because she is motivated to improve food security, traffic safety and senior care.

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Ron Bautista

Hoboken City 5-2

Ron Bautista is a local activist and former candidate for Hudson County Commissioner for District 5. He has been an advisor on transit solutions for the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, for institutions like the NY State Department of State on building a stronger relationship between government and the people, and has been an executive director for an education nonprofit.
Ron is running for Democratic County Committee for Hoboken's Ward 5, District 2, for a community that works for people of all ages and abilities.

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Jersey City B-9

Adrian Ghainda is a life-long resident of Jersey City who has lived on the same block for the last 17 years and is proud to serve as a helpful neighbor. He earned political science degree from New Jersey City University and is currently pursuing a Master's in International Relations. For the last year, Adrian has interned as the Council Assistant for Jersey City Councilman Rolando Lavarro, and this experience has led him to realize the importance of electing progressive leaders to drive change. Adrian is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward B, District 9, because he is motivated to tackle the affordable housing crisis and underfunded educational system, as well as the basics of clean streets.

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Adrian Ghainda


Jersey City C-1

Mary Beth Botts has lived in the Jersey City Heights for 14 years and enjoys her career as a clinical social worker. She never had an interest in transitioning into politics but she's excited to help build a foundation for expanding democracy in Hudson County by representing Ward C District 1 on the Democratic County Committee. Mary Beth believes that a stronger Democratic party, not controlled by traditional interests, will drive greater progress on increasing affordable housing, reimagining public safety, and prioritizing environmental justice. Mary Beth understands that equity, social justice, and joy must be centered in order to have a community where everyone can thrive, because none of us is ok unless all of us is ok. #JCMakeItEquitable

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Mary Beth Botts


Jersey City C-24

Trevor Batchelder has been a Hudson County resident for the past 9 years, with the last 4 spent in Jersey City Heights. His main priorities as committeeperson for Ward C-24 will be to advocate progressive policies to make our community safer, healthier, and more affordable. Trevor is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward C, District 24, because he is passionate about making Hudson County politics more democratic and empowering his neighbors to hold their elected officials accountable.

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Trevor Batchelder


Carmen Huggins

Jersey City C-24

Carmen Huggins resides in the Heights with her spouse, Terry. She enjoys living in a diverse community. Carmen is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward C, District 24, because she is concerned about access to affordable housing, healthcare and education.

Josh Iannuzzi.jpg

Josh Iannuzzi

Jersey City C-25

Josh Iannuzzi has been a resident of Jersey City for the past 10 years and during this time he has dedicated his professional career to local workforce development. As the Director of Career Services at the New Jersey City University (NJCU), School of Business, Josh helps to prepare and connect local students to internship, employment, and professional development opportunities. He led a similar effort with formerly incarcerated populations at the Jersey City Employment and Training Program. Josh serves on the Executive Board of Jersey City Ties, an organization that helps to connect local professionals to volunteering and networking opportunities. Josh also has worked with the Jersey City chapter of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, and he's served as a mentor through Big Brother Big Sister of Hudson County. Josh seeks to advocate for and represent the constituents of his Hilltop neighborhood on the Democratic County Committee in Ward C, District 25, and he's eager to continue engaging the public to become active participants in our democracy, not only during election season but year-round.

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Victoria Marino

Jersey City C-25

Victoria "Tori" Marino has been a proud Jersey City resident and Hilltop neighbor since arriving here in December 2014. In late 2018, she was given the opportunity to invest more directly in her community – by serving Hudson County Community College students on their career journey as the Director of Career Services. Tori strongly believes that everyone deserves employment in which they are productive, feel purpose in their life, and can prosper. Tori has earned two master’s degrees and brings over 13 years of experience in the social service and workforce development fields. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she worked with at-risk youth and their families. Tori has led programs that provided job coaching and placement services to those receiving federal benefits. Tori's desire to have an impact on a systemic level prompted her to return to school for her MBA in Sustainability at Bard College. Her education and experience have reinforced the belief that institutions can be managed with an integrated triple bottom line: economic success, environmental integrity, and social equity. Tori brings these values to her life and leadership, and she is running for a seat on the Democratic County Committee for Ward C, District 25, because she's deeply committed to serving her community to ensure everyone's voice is heard, represented, and actualized.

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Melanie Segal

Jersey City C-30

Melanie Segal is a long time resident of Jersey City and a founding and board member of The Climate Mobilization North Jersey. She has been on the board of TCM since 2016, volunteering with climate allies on local and grassroots environmental advocacy and taking political action against climate change. Melanie has spent the past 4 years working in the animal welfare field, coordinating strategy and research efforts at the ASPCA. Melanie is running for the Democratic County Committee in Ward C, District 30, to be a progressive voice for her community and make sure that the residents in The Heights are well represented.

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Bojana Coklyat

Jersey City D-5

Bojana Coklyat grew up in Jersey City and has been involved in local grassroots organizing for two decades. While in art programs at P.S. #6 and McNair she became involved in the arts and has led to her career in art administration. In 2009, Coklyat began to lose her vision due to Diabetes and her approach to arts and culture shifted. She found that disabled people and the aging population were not being accommodated according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Also, she found that while lack of attention to quality-of-life issues affected everyone, disabled and older adults were impacted more significantly. Coklyat is a 2019-2020 Fulbright alumni, project leader at The Museum Art and Culture Access Consortium (MAC) and co-author of the “Alt-Text as Poetry” workbook (available in English and Spanish).
Bojana is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward D, District 5, for a community that works for people of all abilities.

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Elise Nussbaum - professional pic.jpg

Elise Nussbaum

Jersey City D-9

Elise Nussbaum is a Jersey City native who has long been active in local issues, and a parent who proudly sends her child to the local public school. She works as a financial coach for low-income people at a financial empowerment nonprofit. Elise is running for Democratic County Committee for Jerset City's Ward D, District 9, because she has seen firsthand what economic issues our neighbors are facing, and she supports affordable housing initiatives, Medicare for All, and environmental justice.

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Arlene Stein

Jersey City D-9

Arlene Stein has been a Jersey City resident for the past ten years. A longtime activist, she co-organized the "Evict Trump-Kushner from Jersey City” campaign. She lives in the Heights with her partner Cynthia and dog Stormy, and is a professor of sociology at Rutgers University. Arlene is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward D, District 9, to insure government accountability, sensible development, and clean and safe streets.

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Lynn Mullins

Jersey City D-10

Lynn Mullins is an educator and artist and has lived in Hudson County since 1989. During this time, Lynn has been an active participant in neighborhood groups, local non-profits, and community collectives. Lynn raised her family in the Heights while being a strong champion for our neighborhood these past two decades. Having held this office before, Lynn Mullins looks forward to advocating for the community she loves. The diversity of Jersey City is the magic that motivates Lynn to work for her neighbors and that is why she is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward D, District 10.


Brendan Doohan

Jersey City D-10

A third-generation Jersey City resident, Brendan Doohan grew up in downtown Jersey City and has been involved in Jersey City politics from a young age, campaigning for Bret Schundler's mayoral race in 1993 (at the age of 10). He attended P.S. 27 and Holy Rosary Grammar School (now the Brunswick Center) and graduated from Saint Peter's Prep in 2001. He has served on the Board of the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy and campaigned for Mo Kinberg's Ward D Council race in 2017. He now lives in the Heights neighborhood with his wife and son, working as a Customer Engineer for a technology company. Brendan is running for Democratic County Committe for Jersey City's Ward D, District 10 to improve county parks, roads, and schools while eradicating ICE.

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Brianna Lawrence.jpg

Brianna Lawrence

Jersey City D-13

Brianna Lawrence is a firm believer in community, mental health, and science. She's lived in the Heights for 8 years and her 5 year old son attends PS 28. Brianna is a former educator who worked for a decade at NYC DOE, and during the 3 years that she worked for the City of Jersey City where she was integral to founding the Office of Sustainability at City Hall. Brianna is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward D, District 13, to be an advocate for more transparency in municipal government, affordable housing and gender equality.

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Lauren Mann Baez

Jersey City D-27

Lauren Mann Baez is a longtime resident of Jersey City Heights where, together with her husband, she's raised two daughters. After more than 35 years as an educator Lauren officially retired but her committment to the Western Slope community remains strong. She has been a volunteer for CASA of Hudson County, working as an advocate for foster children in family court, and giving them support in whatever areas they may need it. She also works in the Early Intervention program for young children and their families providing developmentally appropriate therapy. Lauren is running for the Democratic County Committee in Jersey City’s Ward D, District 27, to make the connections with voters in her neighborhood to ensure that we maintain and develop more green spaces, fight for racial justice and police accountability, affordable housing, and basic quality of life improvements like clean and safe streets.

Lauren Mann Baez-Headshot 2.jpeg

Sarah Ordway

Jersey City E-13

Sarah Ordway is an educator, artist, and eight year Jersey City resident who is committed to serving her community. She is the former president of the Harsimus Cove Association and a board member of the Jersey City Arts Council. Sarah believes that an authentic, progressive movement starts in our immediate communities when we care for one another, an as a Democratic County Committee person for Ward E, District 13, she will work hard to make sure our neighborhood is cared for and resident's concerns are proactively addressed. Sarah understands that issues of rapid development, displacement, traffic, safe streets and package theft factor into the larger systemic issues facing Jersey City, and as our city undergoes a massive paradigm shift, she's committed to be a strong voice for her community.


Eleana Little

Jersey City E-13

Eleana Little is an environmental engineer and community activist living in Jersey City. She currently serves as the president of the Harsimus Cove Association, executive vice president of Progressive Democrats of Hudson County, and on the steering committee of NJ-08 for Progress. Previously, she was a candidate for Hudson County Commissioner in District 4. Eleana is running for Hudson County Democratic Committee in Jersey City's Ward E, District 13. As a county committee member, she will advocate for her neighbors and their concerns, greater transparency in party operations, and a just and equitable Hudson County.

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Kaitlin Kehnemuyi

Jersey City E-17

Kaitlin Kehnemuyi works as a librarian at Seton Hall University and understands the power of information. She's lived in Jersey City for the last decade, and as a NJ transplant, she spent many years trying to learn and understand our state and local politics , which has led her to firmly believe that we need increased transparency. Kaitlin is running for Democratic County Committee in Ward E, District 17, seeking to improve police accountability, green spaces and composting, and accesssibility for all residents.

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Vera Marino

Jersey City F-29

Vera Marino, a Portuguese immigrant grew up in Hudson County and relocated back as a young adult, setting her roots in Jersey City in 2003. She enjoys working with her community as a local real estate salesperson since 2010. As a newly sworn in US Citizen, Vera is thrilled to be on the ballot for Democratic County Committee to represent Ward F, District 29. She aims to encourage increased voter registration and participation, and to advocate for affordable housing and allocation of green public spaces within her community

Celeste Ruggia.jpg

Celeste Ruggia

Jersey City F-29

Celeste Ruggia is a lifelong resident of Jersey City who works for a local skincare company called Pholk Beauty. She is also an active member of the Knitty Gritty, a local group of women in Jersey City who are resisting and persisting through education and action. Celeste is running for Democratic County Committee for Jersey City's Ward F, District 29, to create a more cohesive community.


Stephanie Rosas-Garcia

North Bergen TWP 5-5

Stephanie Rosas is a long time North Bergen resident. Stephanie is currently a masters candidate at NYU Wagner specializing in advocacy and political action. She believes transformative change and collective organization is key for liberation. She organizes with mutual aid groups in her community to provide surival work and solidarity. As a first generation Mexican American she has experienced first hand the limitations and roadblocks placed on low income immigrant families. Therefore, if elected for Democratic County Committee for North Bergen Ward 5, District 5, she will support any policy that strives to advocate for immigrant rights, gender inclusiveness, social, economical and racial justice.

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Stephanie Rosas-Garcia.jpg
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