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Our Leadership


Executive Board


The Progressive Democrats of Hudson County is led by an Executive Board which is elected to serve as the leadership of the organization for two year terms. Each position is nominated and voted on by the chapter membership.


The role of the E-Board is to develop political strategy, approve chapters expenditures, and support progressive candidates for county, municipal, and local government or political offices. In addition, the E-board plans events, recruits new members, and maintains a database of volunteer and employment opportunities for progressive Democrats in Hudson County.

Various members of the board also chair some of the standing and special committees which service to carry out the normal business and special projects that the chapter takes on.

Executive Board Positions

President: The President presides over all Chapter meetings; serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, as Chair of the Chapter’s Continuing Political Committee or appoints a full member in their place; and is responsible for managing and carrying out the day-to-day operations of the Chapter and its business.

Executive Vice President: The Executive Vice President maintains accurate records of all general body and committee meetings; assists the Executive Board in the efficient administrative and logistical execution of Chapter operations; acts as parliamentarian; keeps, maintains, and ensures compliance to the organizational documents of the Chapter and Organization; assists the President in the execution of their duties; and in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.

Vice President for Membership: The Vice President for Membership recruits new members and facilitates their integration into the organization; coordinates events and programming for members; coordinates with the PDNJ Secretary and Membership Director; and chairs the Membership Committee.


Vice President for Finance. The Vice President of Finance keeps, maintains, and verifies a full account of the funds under the control of the Chapter; keeps a full and accurate accounting of the receipts and disbursements of the Chapter; reports the state of the Chapter’s finances to the Organization’s Treasurer and Finance Director; serves as Treasurer of the Chapter’s Continuing Political Committee or appoint a full member in their place; updates the Executive Board on the financial condition of the Chapter; and is responsible for the Chapter’s debit card.

Vice President for Communications: The Vice President of Communications keeps and produces content for the Chapter’s social media, email, and other related accounts; works with the rest of the board and committees to help get the word out both internally and externally for PDHC sponsored events, and other relevant community activities of which the chapter aligns.


State Delegates: PDNJ Delegates as described are voting members of the board and represent this Chapter on the Board of Delegates of the statewide organization. There are two delegate positions on the board.


Over the last two years, the chapter has been led by a team of extraordinary leaders. The Progressive Democrats movement extends its profound and sincere gratitude to all members of the board for their leadership and contributions to the advancement of our cause in Hudson County. Under their leadership, we have been able to establish ourselves as a leader in Hudson County electoral politics and start the work of electing new progressive leaders. 


As a result, PDHC is hosting a special election to choose leaders for the remainder of 2022. 


The following chapter leadership positions will become available at the end of August: 

  • President

  • Executive Vice President

  • Vice President for Membership

  • Vice President for Finance

  • State Delegates


If you’ve been thinking about ways to get more involved in local politics or want experience in a leadership role, this is a PERFECT opportunity. No prior experience is necessary, but you must be a PDHC member to nominate candidates, run for a position, and vote. 


To learn more about the August 2022 Special Election, including important dates, detailed position descriptions, and nominations, visit

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